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Can I buy beer to go?


We get this question multiple times a day in our tasting room and we can finally answer Yes!

It’s been a long journey to get to this point but we’ll keep it short and sweet.  If you want a lengthier story about this journey check out www.hopsandjosh.com.

Starting this Thursday, December 21st we’ll begin selling beer to go from our tap room.  We recently completed a license swithcharoo and converted our TABC permit from a Brewers permit to a Brewpub permit.  While quite a bit will be changing in our tap room there will be absolutely no changes to the way that we distribute our beer or our plans for growth and expansion for 2018.  But it does mean that we can now offer anyone who visits our tap room the complete brewery experience by being able to visit, take a tour, sample beers, order a flight, pint, pitcher, etc. and then when you’re ready to leave, grab a can, 6 pack, crowler or growler to take home with you!

Now we’re not quite ready to open the floodgates just yet so below are a few dates and details for how this new process is going to work and the beers that’ll be available.

Thursday December 21st- Beginning when we open at 10am you’ll be able to purchase fresh cans of The One They Call Zoe, A Pale Mosaic or River Beer to take home.  No limit on the number of 6 packs you can buy.  All 3 of these beers will be canned on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week so you’ll be buying some super fresh beer straight from the source!  We also have a limited availability of our Volumes of Oak Belgian Style Saison that will also be available Thursday.  This beer was aged in one of our oak foeders for 12 months with a mixed culture of brettanomyces and belgian saison yeast and then bottle conditioned for natural carbonation.  There will be a limit of 2 bottles per customer per day.  You can also fill a growler of any of the 16 beers that we have on tap in our tasting room with no limit on growler fills.

January 2018- At the beginning of the new year we’ll be installing our Crowler machine and will begin offering all of the beers available in our tap room in these 32 oz take home aluminum vessels.  We will also begin releasing new can offerings weekly sold by the can and available for mix and match cases of everything available.  These releases will be announced each Monday and cans will be available on the Thursday of that same week and will be available until they run out.  Depending on availability we may limit the amount each person can purchase per day but for now the plan is to leave the amount per customer as unlimited.  Earlier this year we began distributing a limited amount of our Dispensary Series Pale Ale and IPA as well as Pellets & Powder IPA and Lupulin Rodeo IPA in 6 packs of 12 oz cans.  These will continue to be produced but will be available as singles in the tasting room.  We’ll also begin canning our Double Dry-hopped Pale Mosaic as well as a new Pale Ale called Terpene Tango APA.  From there the sky is the limit on what we’ll start canning and selling to go from our tasting room.  Thanks to the upcoming installation of a new labeling machine that will allow us to efficiently fill and label blank silver cans with labels.  This enables us to run very small batches of one off beers through our canning line without having to purchase large amounts of printed cans.  Even our Volumes of Oak series of barrel aged beers will start to become available next year in cans!

Exciting stuff for us here at H&G and we look forward to expanding the experience for everyone who visits our tasting room.  As with everything we do at the brewery, time is important and crucial for a quality product and experience.  We’ve learned a ton over the past 6 years of making beer in east Austin and I can only imagine that we’ll learn quite a bit more as we move forward with this exciting new phase of our business.

Cheers friends, we couldn’t do any of this without you!