Close ABV IBU SRM Available on tap
6% 50 5   in can

PALE DOG Pale Ale is an homage to our chairman. Full of malt character with a dry, crisp and hoppy finish.  We start with a base of the highest quality 2 Row malted barley our eyes have ever seen.  We blend that with a small amount of Vienna and Caramel malts to add distinct character and mouthfeel and then mash strategically for both attenuation and a balanced malty sweetness. Throughout the boil we use a blend of Oregon grown Nugget and Cascade hops to lend flavors of resinous fruit and dank pine. The kettle hop additions provide an enticing aroma and noticeable but balanced bitterness and we dry hop in the fermenter to deliver a mouthful of hoppiness.

Pale Dog

Pour A standard pint or pub glass at 47° to truly experience all the aromas and flavor
Pair A nice jalepeno bison burger, spicy Mexican dishes, or even Masoor Dal

Ready to party and ready to be shared with friends. It pours with a white head that lingers on the glass and the carbonation provides intense aromas of resinous citrus fruit. A 12 oz. can is a perfect companion at the disk golf course or after a nice long trail run.