Close ABV IBU SRM Available on tap
5% 40 18   in can

ALT-ERATION, our 2012 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winning Altbier, is brewed using old world techniques, high quality German malts and noble hop varieties. We blend a base of German Pilsner malt with hefty portions of Munich, Vienna and a touch of de-bittered black malt. Alt-eration undergoes a multiple temperature mashing program to produce a classic upfront maltiness with a clean and crisp finish.  Das Alt is hopped with Mt. Hood, Hallertauer Hersbrucker and Czech Saaz to provide a bitterness and level of earthy hop spice that plays a fancy partner to the classic German malt backbone.


Pour A straight sided alt glass at 45° enhances the malty taste and noble hop finish
Pair Hearty meats (BBQ!) and cheeses or freshly baked German Brezlen

Pours with a light brown, rich and creamy head that lingers to the glass after every sip. Expect a wonderful malt character that balances a crisp hop bitterness with a slight malt sweetness and clean finish. Perfect for your next river trip or wiffle ball tournament.